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Drag&Drop Installer (DDI) for GSX Pro Profiles

Instructions for Creators

To ensure full compatibility with the installer there are a few pre-requisites. Most profiles are already fully compatible, but some might not be.

To fully comply, creators must:

  • Compress profiles into any of the archive formats listed in the table below. You can use 7zip or a similar program to archive files in compatible formats.

  • Any other files in the archive will be ignored, for example installation manual .pdf’s and README’s so inclusion of these files will not affect compatibility.

  • Aircraft profiles must be in their correct root folder for GSX compatibility. The installer will extract the gsx.cfg file AND the folder it is contained in to the correct virtuali folder. If there is just a gsx.cfg file and no folder, the profile will not be compatible with the installer or GSX.

Compatible File Types

Archive Format Compatible